Hi Friends! Welcome to Katie on the Spot.  I’m passionate about textiles and love sharing maintenance advice with my clients. With 20+ years working in the textile cleaning industry, I have witnessed many of the pains and concerns of my clients. And now I have my own darling [read: messy] family to keep my skills sharp.  There’s a difference between learned knowledge and experienced knowledge. Being on-call for spot cleaning advice and repeating the same information sometimes daily, has led us to create this catalogue of videos & information for easy reference!

To be honest, our intention was never to start a line of spot cleaning products. The driving force behind Katie on the Spot has always been disseminating free, professional spot cleaning advice in order to equip our clients with sound information and allow them the best chance at successful spot removal and stain prevention. There is an abundance of misinformation out there and we want to combat the DIY hacks to provide proper spot cleaning information, and ultimately prevent DIY-gone-wrong damages. The reality is, spot cleaning the right way takes a little bit of effort. The goal isn’t to train you to be a professional textile cleaner, but rather to show you what can be done safely and when calling in a professional is appropriate.

 Along the way, we have come to the realization that there isn’t really a widely available, safe, general purpose spot cleaner that we could trust. And then it dawned on us – why not use some of the cleaning solutions we use at work?! Our clients have been raving about this spot cleaner for years! It was the natural choice, and we are thrilled to be able to share our “secret family recipe” with you now! So, welcome to the family and happy spotting! –kr

Flagship Products

Active Clean Spotter

EcoClean Spotter

Powder Stain Remover