How to Remove Urine Stains From Carpet

Remove Urine StainsIf you’ve come here that probably means you have pets, or kids, or both! I have two dogs (and two kids) and that means sometimes I have to deal with urine in places it doesn’t belong.

Hi! I’m Katie. I’m from the Raleigh area in North Carolina, and I provide free, professional spot cleaning advice in order to equip our clients with sound information and allow them the best chance at successful spot removal and stain prevention.

Bladder sizes vary from pet to pet (and from kid to kid) so if you see a small ring of urine on the surface of the carpet, you can just about guarantee that there is a much larger ring below the surface of the carpet. Let’s set you up with the best success at how to clean urine out of your carpet.

What You’ll Need

Here’s some useful supplies that will make this job a lot easier:

The Process

First, you’ll want to pour some water on the urine (to dilute it). Take your shop vac or towels and extract the water. If you’re using towels, remember to blot and not rub. You can stand on the towel to absorb more liquid. You’ll want to repeat this process multiple times.

Next, add a splash of white vinegar to a glass of water. Urine is acidic and we want to rinse it with a slightly acidic solution. Doing this will help pull the urine out of your carpet. Perform the same process as above where you pour some on the spot, extract or blot it up, and repeat a couple times.

Then, grab your Katie on the Spot Eco Clean Spotter and mist over the affected area. Use a tamping brush to work it into the carpet. This is the brush we use. If you don’t have a tamping brush, you can use a clean cotton towel instead. This process looks like whack-a-mole-ing the carpet a bunch of times.

Last, you’ll want to add regular household hydrogen peroxide to an empty spray bottle. Synthetic carpets (like nylon or polyester or polypropylene) will tolerate this well but more natural fibers such as silk or wool may need to be handled by a professional. Mist the area lightly with the peroxide solution as a topical sanitizing agent and allow to air dry.


As always, you can watch the process here:


Happy Spotting!

– katie

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